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Gallery Share Plugin

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I’m testing this cool plugin on Digital Zone.

the weird world of investments The Kansas City Public Library Street-art-Banksy-in-London Squirrel looking through cammera Screaming taken by policemen San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile Punk JellyFish Pool Hotel Swimingpool Greener Pastures Buterfly Angel BRAZIL-ART-PHONE BOOTH Black and White cat and mouse 318071_10150928929134617_35689997_n Wheel Clog Bug Steampunk Machinery

AutoMagic Sync – the magical application for your sales team

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When it comes to work, there are tasks that we like and tasks that really push our patience to the limit. But, luckily for us, we live in a world where technology is taking steps forward every day in order to ease our lives and to help us give 100% in what we do.

A very good display of how technology is helping us out is the AutoMagic Sync application from Floating Apps. This application represents a dream come true for all the sales managers from all over the world. While being extremely intelligent and useful, the application requires no effort at all, doing what it is supposed to do all by itself, just like magic.

How does it work? AutoMagic Sync can be installed directly from the Google Apps marketplace, it doesn’t require an individual setup and it works in the cloud, through APIs only. After it is installed, it doesn’t require any kind of effort and it really helps sales agents to keep their contacts up to date. If you are a sales manager you know how sales reps often forget to input their contacts manually or, if they do it, they waste time and their productivity is affected.

Until now, this issue had no answer because it was a matter of sacrifice: to sacrifice time and productivity or to sacrifice the safety of knowing where all the contacts are? With AutoMagic Sync, you don’t need to make this choice anymore; the application is designed to help you and your sales to team achieve the best outcome possible with minimum effort. Thanks to AutoMagic Sync you can now integrate Salesforce with Google apps, helping you in having a complete and always up to date CRM.

AutoMagic Sync integrates Salesforce with Google contacts by enabling users to visualize all their Google contacts that aren’t in Salesforce yet, then the user has the possibility of adding those contacts as leads, adding them in existing accounts, creating new accounts for them or simply categorizing them as contacts not to be imported. Then, every 15 minutes, AutoMagic Sync searches for updates of contacts in Salesforce or Google and syncs all the details. If the application detects that a certain contact should be part of certain account, it adds it automatically in Salesforce in the place where it belongs. It is also very useful when it comes to the problem of users creating duplicated contacts, because it detects all the duplicates in Salesforce and makes suggestions when this problem appears.

Salesforce tasks are super useful and, by integrating them with Google calendar, they can be even more useful. AutoMagic Sync also does that for you, so that the productivity of your sales team reaches a maximum level. Every 15 minutes, the application searches for new events in the users’ Google calendar that are related to the contacts in Salesforce and, if they are not written there, AutoMagic Sync writes all the necessary details in Salesforce’s calendar.

This process goes both ways, so that the Salesforce’s calendar and the Google calendar are always synced. Moreover, the application allows past events to be processed retroactively so that you will always have access to complete information.

Completely automatic and with lots of intelligent features, AutoMagic Sync works perfectly with minimum of effort on your part and is the ideal application for your sales team. It will make both your work and theirs easier and increase your productivity in order to take your company to the next level.

Technological Advancements In The Two Way Radios Industry

2 way radios
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Radio’s were first introduced by Guglielmo Marconi for the first time in eighteen ninety five. Due to this amazing invention, the world has experienced many technological advancements in this area. Radio waves can be used for different purposes because they travel very fast. Due to the advancements in this field, two way radios were developed which were initially used for communication between military personnel. Today they are used by ships, aircrafts and by police officers amongst many other people.

The first two way radio was built by Fredrick William Downie in nineteen twenty three. He was motivated by the need to help improve communication between police officers. Compared to the first radio that was only able to broadcast sound waves to the receiver, the two way radios do more than that because they are also able to receive sound waves. This invention improved the communication between police officers because the radio is portable and can be installed in a car or even in the office. They have been used in emergency cases to help improve security.

Why the Difference between Android Vs iOS App Development is Fading

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We all know that when it comes to the number of smartphones circling around, Android OS wins the case hands down. This speculation is further affirmed by reports submitted by Gartner that reads that nearly 79% of all smartphones sold between April and June this year ran on the mighty Android OS. Same trend runs  in the tablet department as well , as according to a report submitted by IDC, nearly 63% of Android tabs have been shipped this year. If this course continues, it is expected that nearly 70 million Android devices shall hit the block by the end of 2013.


These figures speaks volumes about the popularity of Android devices, however it leaves us wondering that despite an overwhelming approval of the OS amongst the masses, the majority of app developers still prefer iOS over Android to create and publish apps. In fact, some of the most popular apps are available on the Apple apps store but not on Google Play.  What is the plausible reason for this? When is this trend expected to change? These are some of the question that we will be covering in this write-up.

Virtual meetings: Work More, Spend Less

virtual meetings
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Do you want to have a meeting within the comforts of your home or office? Is it financially taxing to organize a meeting or a conference involving a large audience from different parts of the globe; not to mention the costs of airline and hotel accommodations for correspondents coming from different places? Then you must know that virtual meeting or web conference is the solution to these dilemmas.


Web conference is a type of system by which people with computers can communicate with one another at the same time through the Internet. You can conduct meetings, work trainings, presentations, product launches or lectures virtually. 

Satellite Navigation Systems or How to Never Get Lost

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Nowadays, the world is constantly on the run, in search of exploring new and beautiful things every single day. In order to be efficient and to grasp as much beauty from this world as possible we need smart devices that can guide and help us remain alert every step of the way.

A satellite navigation system or GPS in more informal terms is the perfect tool for this purpose. Are you thinking about purchasing one for you and your family but you are worried that you won’t make the right decision? Keep on reading and you will discover a few tips on navigation systems and their advantages.

Satellite navigation systems

What is a navigation system?

A navigation system or a “sat nav” is a group of satellites that can offer global coverage to users. This means that you will remain connected everywhere you go, having the possibility to discover and use information according to personal needs.

Content Plagiarism Detection Tools

plagiarism checker
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Whether you work in education or anything that has to do with content creation and publication on the Internet, it’s always a good idea to check the documents submitted to you by sometimes shifty individuals who like to cheat and create inherent problems.

Put in simpler words – if you’re a teacher and your students don’t do their papers, but rather just copy them, they are not going to learn anything, which is even worse if you’re a university professor and let that pass. Those people you are supposed to be training are to be tomorrow’s specialists – they will allegedly take your place, as well as your doctor’s and your lawyers. What kind of experts will they be if they never learned anything or even worked toward their degree?

Live Football Streaming on your iPhone

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Usually confined to your television or computer, the world of sport can now be accessed on your mobile device, through the use of sites such as Unlike many online streams, those found here are perfectly legal and provided by sites such as Bet365. With the new addition of an app designed specifically for iPhone and iPad, it’s never been easier to find the games you want to watch.

An alternative Web Content Management System

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Researching for advanced yet cheap CMS for a good friend of mine, I came across a solution that proved to be another good piece of software that is not so known but worth a lot mentioning and reviewing.

I use to recommend WordPress but this comes with a lot of limitations. Also, there are many security issues. Zilions of plugins are available, from developers around the world. Well, that’s good you may say but I had my own sites shut down for hours after installing some poorly coded plugins (yes, from the WordPress repository!). When you manage sites and are not that experienced, this is a serious problem.

Four Little Tips Helping to Shoot Good Fireworks Video Easily

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For most photographers, be it pros or amateurs, shooting videos with digital camcorders is kind of fun. Quite often, they need to tackle various situations. Let’s say, a fireworks display shooting, which’s a challenging situation bothering many video fans. There are quite a few minus factors out there: shoot in the dark place, intense bursts of light, lots of noise, flaming objects, what’s more, you are far from the objects. All of these make it a tough job to make the fireworks video sizzle. Luckily, by constant practicing with a few useful tips, you can shoot good firework videos easily.

A new email option to get free of spam. Free and reliable.

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Allow me to paint a familiar image for you with a degree of certainty you have actually seen every day.

You begin your day bright and early browsing through your computer. Possibly the first thing you are going to do is check your e-mail. You check each email, responding where essential, yet you need to avoid some and throw some others in the junk mail bin. Why, because your email inbox is full of spam alongside your wanted email. Put simply your e-mail spam security has failed to meet its prime obligation, to secure your inbox from spam.

How to use PPC to improve the online visibility of your Law Firm Services

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PPC or paid search is a very important part of your overall marketing strategy. So as a partner or member of a law firm service, you can and should use the help of PPC to make your services visible on web. Here are seven reasons that strongly propagate this fact.


1. Use Google Maps to your advantage by listing your business with Google Map.
This way your business gets an exclusive online presence which people see when they conduct searches to find Law Firms in your locality. As these PPC ads can be programmed to be displayed with your free Google Plus listing, this combination gives search result pages filled with business messages. 

iPad Mini 2 Specs And Features

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   The second iPad mini is here. After years of rumours, Apple announced that iPad mini 2 is finally ready for the mobile-technology market. It will have the so-called Retina display. As you can probably guess by the name, this is one of its main features. Also, Apple have massively increased the resolution of the iPad mini’s screen. It has as many pixels as the iPad 2. This fascinating device is incredibly sharp. It is under 8 millimetres thick and has an amazingly simplified deign. Here is some further information about the device’s most impressing characteristics.

Most Popular Mini iPad Accessories

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In today’s world having smart gadgets to keep us alert is essential. Whether we are referring to iPods, iPhones or iPads, it is always important to remain connected to the modern world. iPads are extremely useful to people of all kinds because it allows them to listen to music, take photos, browse the internet and install all types of applications in order to make life easier.

So, taking into account the mini iPads are  so widespread today, it is necessary for them to have viable mini iPad accessories. Here, the range is unlimited. But what type of accessories are the most famous in terms of mini iPads?

The power of now – a successful online businness mindset

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Few days ago, I was searching Google for an online clock to help timing my daily Zen meditation. It is surprising to search for such a timer in an era you have virtually a clock on every device you could imagine – phones, TV, oven, refrigerator. Well, that day I was hundred miles away from home, with nothing but my laptop  and Internet.

When I meditate, I have no felling about the time from the real world.  I could stay hours instead of minutes,  or if I choose a wrong posture and my knees start to hurt – I’m done in less than 5 minutes.

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